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How Endoxa helps you study

Endoxa enables you to see an argument visually and learn how to better use arguments in your studies.


  • Mapped to A Level curriculum and exam boards.
  • Includes interactive study materials to help you learn.


Endoxa is a new and innovative way to learn, practise and apply your knowledge. The Endoxa platform is designed to take reasoning and argumentation away from long dense texts and make it more engaging through interactive ‘argument graphs’.

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The result is learning and using arguments is faster, easier and more interesting.



The Endoxa argumentation graphs are based on A Level subjects and lessons so you can easily navigate to the topics you need. Each interactive Endoxa lesson contains the key facts and arguments you need to learn for a given topic.



You can test your learning with interactive tasks, including connecting parts of arguments and understanding how they relate. At the end of each lesson, you can modify the argument graph to represent your response to the argument – add a counter-argument, change a premise from true to false, and so on. Your finished argument graph then serves as a visual essay plan or a summary for revision.

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Video embed: a step-by-step guide through a whole lesson

Link to media page blog posts about Endoxa: key benefits, features, etc. (based on white paper)

How Endoxa measures up




Study Books (e.g. revision textbooks)

Online Study Materials (e.g. Flash Card sites)

The rigorous visual model helps me learn arguments
Focused on argument first, facts and case studies embedded in the argument as required.
depends on tutor
Arguments broken into easily understandable steps, no long, complex text to read
The lessons contain the exact arguments and facts I need for my studies
depends on tutor
Evaluation system to show strength and coherence of arguments
Interactive learning using in-app reasoning tests and allowing the student to develop their own argument
I can study anytime, anywhere on my tablet, laptop, and PC
In-app help is always available including video explainers, FAQs and chat
depends on system
I can study at my own pace, save my progress and revisit lessons whenever I need and can pick up exactly where I left off
Designed to enhance critical thinking skills while you learn
depends on tutor


£9.99 per month (standard option) £35 per hour (typical A-level tutor) £39.99 (typical set of revision books) Free to sign up but limited features

How Endoxa works

Endoxa is a completely new way to study. At its core is a powerful engine that analyses arguments and displays them visually: the argument graph


  • Argument are analysed into steps – each step classified by its “argument type”
  • Key parts of the argument made immediately clear by the graphical display: premises, conclusion, counter-arguments, etc.
  • Argument type definitions such as: cause and effect, implication, entailment and analogy
  • Factual information usch as examples and case studies embedded into the diagrams
  • Calculation of the strength and coherence of an argument

[Image or video embed or both showing how the Endoxa software functions]

[Link to video: How Endoxa works + Argument types]

The lessons in Endoxa are specifically designed to meet the needs of A-Level students. We have carefully built our lessons to enable you to see exactly how arguments work before practicing and applying them in your own studies.


We are actively adding new topics and lessons to Endoxa. Check back regularly and sign up to our email newsletter to be notified when new content is available.


Free two week Trial

Then £9.99 / £14.99 per month

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Our Story

Inspired by the quest for truth: the Endoxa story

Critical thinking and argumentation skills are increasingly important for students. That’s why we have specifically designed Endoxa with A Level students in mind to help visualise the key arguments in a topic to apply in essays, assignments and exams.

We consulted research and studies going back over 50 years about how to visually represent arguments in diagrams. We developed Endoxa to visually express, classify and evaluate arguments in a simple and practical way so everyone can reason well with our responsive and intuitive system.

We have updated and refreshed the way you learn by stripping away the long, dense texts to replace them with visual, interactive software.


Benefits of using Endoxa:

  • Faster learning
  • Simplified arguments
  • Readily create your own arguments
  • Be confident that you understand the key points and are using them correctly
  • Enhance your critical thinking skills

Our Team

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For Teachers

See for yourself how Endoxa helps students effectively learn and apply the arguments needed to access the higher marks in assignments and exams.

Contact us to learn more about Endoxa for schools including institution licences, and software training.

The case for the argument first theory, approach and methodology presented by Endoxa: review our whitepaper on the challenges of mastering arguments at A Level and the Endoxa argument graph solution.


[Embed link to whitepaper pdf]

Link to media page blog post: how Endoxa improves reasoning and argumentation to attain higher scores

Endoxa for enterprise: for professionals

Advanced reasoning, argumentation and critical thinking are highly sought-after skills in numerous fields including law, politics, business, economics, research, education and training.


Many business processes are based on reasoning – investment decisions, project management, problem-solving & option analysis, legal argument.


  • Fully customised solutions to classify and evaluate argumentative data
  • Staff training: reasoning, argumentation, advanced critical thinking,
  • Collaborate on projects to build comprehensive and intricate databases of company knowledge.
  • Request a conceptual pitch deck


Contact us and see what a fully customised Endoxa solution can do for your staff and your organisation today.

Link to media page blog post: the potential for learning advanced reasoning and argumentation skills and applying them in professional settings

For Academics

The ‘argument first’ model which Endoxa follows has far-reaching and multi-disciplinary potential for overhauling the current framework of learning arguments and reasoning as well as enhancing critical thinking skills for everyone. Furthermore, Endoxa can be used for collaborative reasoning whereby the truth of an argument can be found in an interdisciplinary approach.

Read our whitepaper for more information.

Research and collaboration opportunities

If you think Endoxa may be relevant to your discipline — and a useful tool for your students or for research purposes — please contact us to discuss research and collaboration opportunities with Endoxa.


Contact us to request a concept deck that covers the benefits and the potential that Endoxa offers.

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Link to media page blog post: advancing the search for truth through reasoning (this is a blog post version of the relevant aspects of the whitepaper for academics)

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