How Endoxa changes the way you learn arguments

How Endoxa changes the way you learn arguments

Struggling to write strong and critical arguments in your essays? Endoxa’s revolutionary technology will help change the way you learn arguments and make writing argumentative essays easier. 

The percentage of marks available for constructing strong, critical arguments within your essays and exams has been on the increase. Did you know that around 60% of marks come from your ability to argue and support your points? I certainly didn’t, and it seems as though the text books haven’t quite caught up yet. A-level text book content is generally not that argumentative and is instead packed full of factual information, making it a slow and difficult process for you to find and construct an argument. This makes your revision for exams challenging, and will not help you build a strong foundation in argument, something which is required to allow you to achieve the higher grades in your exams and essays. This is where Endoxa’s revolutionary argumentation approach, the argument graph, will really help you
Unlike many of the current A-level online resources, most of which are fairly non-interactive and highly directed towards fact learning, Endoxa provides a different method of preparing and revising for your essays and exams. We use a visual approach to learning, one that is focused on argument, not fact recital and that is highly interactive to ensure you are ready to access the higher marks in your exams.

Argument first approach

Endoxa represents a new method of teaching, which we call argument first. We consider that learning the exact facts of a topic, such as the voting statistics of a country, are of secondary importance to learning and understanding the arguments which underpin them. Endoxa always puts the emphasis on argument and will push you to think about argument first by placing less stress on the fact learning, by embedding them into scenarios, knowledge annotations and instructional comments. At Endoxa, argument first is the best way to learn and the correct method by which to plan your essays. Really focusing on your understanding and construction of arguments allows you to achieve the highest marks for both Assessment Objectives 2 and 3 (AO2/AO3) in your exams, instead of relying on just reciting facts and statistics which limits your grade under the new A-level mark schemes. So how does Endoxa enable users to focus on the argument?

The argument graph

Endoxa is a fully visual technology, and uses the argument graph to display and teach the arguments within your A-level subject. The argument graph is a diagram that represents an argument using graphical symbols and a minimum amount of text, making it much more interactive and simple to understand. However, unlike other online education technologies, it allows you to still see the complex connections between concepts and facts to allow you to form a complex and detailed argument in your essays and does not simplify learning to just fact knowledge. The graphical features of Endoxa’s argumentation graph allow your reasoning to be presented visually, the method of learning that most students find beneficial, without adding too detailed textual information. This graphical organizing of argument has been studied by academics and has been thought to aid exam performance and learning capabilities.


Not only does Endoxa use visualization to help teach arguments and allow you to create your own arguments for essays but it helps to make sure you remain interested and enjoy the process of learning arguments through the use of interactive features. All lessons are filled with interactive steps to help keep you engaged and improve your understanding of how to form a strong argument, something which you use when essay planning and in exams. These interactive steps are different in each lesson to ensure they are non-repetitive like other methods of revision, including flash cards, which can become a memory test if done consecutively.  You can also contact our team via live chat who are always on hand if you have any issues with the lessons or stages within the graph, allowing you to progress quickly though your lessons and get onto building your own Endoxa argument graphs to really test your argumentation skills to help you improve your arguments in essays and exams.

Endoxa will revolutionize how you can learn and understand subject specific arguments at a time when argumentation is more critical than ever to achieve the higher A-level grades. Through the use of visual techniques, the argument first approach and interactivity Endoxa has provided a technology which helps students understand and use the concepts and debates which underpin the factual content provided by current revision and learning tools.

Here at Endoxa, we’ve devised a revolutionary way of displaying arguments, simply and graphically. Interested?