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This opportunity is now CLOSED. We have been really impressed with the calibre and volume of applications, and would like to thank all of those that took the time to apply and create an argument graph with us. This jobs page will be remaining on the site, so we encourage anyone to check back for new opportunities in the future!

Endoxa Learning Paid Virtual Internship 2020

Job description

Endoxa Learning Ltd is an educational software start-up company developing a new product for collaborative learning and teaching of arguments. Endoxa is aimed at students and teachers of humanities, social sciences, business studies and all disciplines that require rigorous understanding of arguments. The system enables collaboration on an open and customisable framework of argument links, allowing rapid learning and improvement of reasoning skills.

At Endoxa Learning, we have created a new, digital platform to help A-Level students learn how to construct arguments in their work. Our content developers are all university students or recent graduates, who use their university level expertise to curate content that will help A-Level students succeed.

Our academic content is at the forefront of our service. As one of our virtual interns, we would expect you to be a confident, assured student, able to transfer your skills into the development of a new way of presenting arguments. At Endoxa, you would be tasked with creating content for your respective subject, to aid students that need to grow their argumentation skills.

Job responsibilities

Our virtual internship this year would see you take on the role of a content developer. Under this position, you will be responsible for assessing your respective subject’s A-level specification, and converting the arguments within into Endoxa’s interactive, diagrammatic format. Therefore, your ability to pull arguments out of text, as well as to detail them in Endoxa’s system, is essential.
If you are successful, flexible working hours are available, and indeed encouraged. At Endoxa, we want you to be able to create at a pace that is suitable to you, within our overall project schedule. You will be paid according to the volume of work completed, at a fixed rate per topic.

Job requirements

We are particularly looking for those with expertise in Geography, Religious Studies (Theology) and Business Studies next.

You do not have to have studied the subject at university, a related subject is sufficient: e.g. Philosophy for Religious Studies. However, it is an advantage to have taken the subject at A-level.

However, we are also currently building content for Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Law, History and English – if your degree is relevant, and you want to help A-level students to progress with their studies, we’d love to hear from you.

Assessment process

To begin with, we will be accepting CV applications. The best applicants will be invited to create a ‘graph’ – our new diagrammatical method of presenting arguments, with the best graph creators invited to our final interview stage. Email your CV to [email protected] to be in with a chance!


As a virtual intern, you will be able to work from wherever is convenient for you within the UK.

Endoxa’s Terms and Conditions apply to all assessment submissions.