Endoxa’s first-of-its-kind app visualises academic argument. At A Level, a strong argument is worth half the marks. Create your own arguments with confidence for school and beyond.

How Endoxa helps you study

Endoxa enables you to see an argument visually and learn how to better use arguments in your studies.


  • Mapped to A Level curriculum and exam boards.
  • Includes interactive study materials to help you learn.
  • Plan essays and revise for exams


Endoxa is a new and innovative way to learn, practise and apply your knowledge. The Endoxa platform is designed to take reasoning and argumentation away from long dense texts and make it more engaging through interactive ‘argument graphs’.

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Religious Studies

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How it Works

Argument First

A-Levels are a big step up. In your essays you have to clearly show your reasoning skills with persuasive and coherent arguments to gain access to the highest marks.
Endoxa visualises the key points of an argument so you can learn them directly and then tests your understanding with interactive tools and exercises before you create your own argument.

  • No more dense text
  • No more losing track of arguments
  • No more interpreting or guesswork

See an argument clearly and learn how it works before you directly apply it to your own studies.

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