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Endoxa is currently looking for enthusiastic “early adopter” teachers who want to be a part of developing the latest education software. Endoxa will be free to use until September, so you can use the Endoxa with your school as we work together to develop the app. 

How Endoxa helps students learn

Endoxa enables students to see an argument visually and learn how to better use arguments in their studies.


  • Mapped to A Level curriculum.
  • Includes interactive lessons to help students learn.
  • Students can use Endoxa to build their own arguments.


Endoxa is a new and innovative way to learn, practise and apply your arguments. The Endoxa platform is designed to take reasoning and argumentation away from long dense texts and make it more engaging through interactive ‘argument graphs’.

Device Frame

The result is learning and using arguments is faster, easier and more interesting.



The Endoxa argumentation graphs are based on A Level subjects and lessons so you can easily navigate to the topics you need. Each interactive Endoxa lesson contains the key facts and arguments that students need to learn for a given topic.



Students can test their learning with interactive tasks, including connecting parts of arguments and understanding how they relate. At the end of each lesson, the student can modify the argument graph to represent their response to the argument – add a counter-argument, change a premise from true to false, and so on. Their finished argument graph then serves as a visual essay plan or a summary for revision.

Teacher Training

Endoxa is now offering a free teacher training course, to help you feel confident using the software both for distance and classroom learning. The course comprises several 1-2-1 videoconferences with an Endoxa team member as well as a chance to ask questions and discuss creative ideas to develop the Endoxa app further.

The Endoxa teacher testing course provides  

  • A chance to learn more about the Endoxa software
  • A guided walk through of a lesson and how to edit an argument graph
  • A chance to input creative ideas to the development of Endoxa
  • An opportunity to test Endoxa with your classes



Throughout the course an Endoxa team member will always be on hand to answer any queries and also will provide support once you have completed the course and are using the Endoxa app with your students. We are constantly looking for ways in which to improve our app, so your feedback throughout this process will help us to improve the app for you and your students.

Our first A-level course is ready: Politics.
Part of Geography, Business Studies and Religious Studies is available, the rest is under construction.

We are actively adding new subjects and lessons to Endoxa.
Check back regularly and sign up to our email newsletter to be notified when new content is available.


How Endoxa works

Endoxa is a completely new way to study. At its core is a powerful engine that analyses arguments and displays them visually: the argument graph


  • Argument are analysed into steps – each step classified by its “argument type”
  • Key parts of the argument made immediately clear by the graphical display: premises, conclusion, counter-arguments, etc.
  • Argument type definitions such as: cause and effect, implication, entailment and analogy
  • Factual information such as examples and case studies embedded into the diagrams
  • Calculation of the strength and coherence of an argument

The lessons in Endoxa are specifically designed to meet the needs of A-Level students. We have carefully built our lessons to enable students to see exactly how arguments work before practicing and applying them in their studies.

How Endoxa Works

The Parts of an Argument Graph

Help Endoxa Improve Our Courses

We are very keen to work with teachers to improve Endoxa and to meet your needs better. You can help us in two ways:
i. There is a short teachers’ questionnaire at the end of each lesson, asking for your feedback.
ii. For subjects under construction, you can submit arguments for inclusion in the lesson.

We would love to hear how you have used the app with your students and whether it was successful. Email us about your experiences or if you have suggestions how to improve the product.

Find Out More

The case for the argument first approach presented by Endoxa: review our whitepaper on the challenges of mastering arguments at A Level and the Endoxa argument graph solution.

See for yourself how Endoxa helps students effectively learn and apply the arguments needed to access the higher marks in assignments and exams.

Contact us to learn more about Endoxa for schools including institution licences, and software training.

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