Endoxa Learning helps students master academic arguments.

Endoxa Learning is designed to help you create better arguments and get better marks for your essays and exams.

Here’s what we do differently…

1. Learn how to argue while studying your subject

There are millions of different arguments, but not millions of different ways to make an argument. Endoxa Learning classifies arguments using a menu of 15 argument types; each one is an easy-to-understand type of commonsense reasoning. Argument types make it easy to construct an argument precisely and they help you think further about how to develop the argument. This is a new system for critical thinking which requires little effort to learn while you are studying your subject, good for A levels and beyond.

Endoxa Learning A Level argument types

2. A picture is worth a thousand words…

Endoxa Learning used diagrams called argument graphs to represent arguments. Visualising the argument makes it quicker and easier to understand. Factual info is embedded into the argument graph so a student sees how to deploy examples and case studies to support their position.

3. We do the reading…

We take arguments and knowledge from multiple sources and strip away irrelevant material to present you with the key points of an argument first, in the form of an argument graph diagram. No long texts to read, no guesswork. Each lesson is aimed at a topic from your A Level subject and exam board.

Endoxa Learning magnet extracting arguments from book

4. …now you do the thinking.

Endoxa Learning is a graphical platform to make your own arguments for coursework essays and exam preparation. Each lesson is interactive, you can modify the argument graph to include your own ideas: change the conclusion, add a new case study, add a counter-argument, etc. You can send your changes to Endoxa Learning and we will give advice on how you can improve your argument.

5. Get feedback for your work

When you have finished creating your own version of the argument, you can send it to us to check. We will reply with comments to help you improve your thinking.

6. Your argument graph is your visual essay plan

Your finished argument graph is a record of your thinking and a visual essay plan which you can use for school assignments or to revise for exams. The shape of the argument graph is the structure of the argument – it’s easy to remember, because you can see it. Clicking on the diagram shows the background information and the facts you need to support your argument.

Our A Level Content

Endoxa Learning is suitable for all subjects where strong argumentation skills are needed, in particular, humanities, social sciences and business. Currently we offer Politics, Geography, Religious Studies and Business A Levels, plus demo content in the other subjects. Click on a subject to find out more.

All our content is mapped to the A Level curriculum and follows exam board specifications. Endoxa Learning currently covers AQA, OCR and EDEXCEL A-level specifications.

For all subjects, there are free lessons within each topic. So you can try Endoxa Learning for free, before subscribing to access the rest of the lessons. The Endoxa Learning subscription costs from £8.99/month.

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Endoxa Learning A Level Religious Studies

Religious Studies

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Endoxa Learning offers a variety of subscriptions for schools, and individual teachers. Complete with full training from one of our dedicated Teacher Support team, use Endoxa Learning with your A Level students to improve their critical thinking and argumentation.

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