Key Articles

These articles explain different aspects of Endoxa Learning, and the science and testing that supports it, in more detail.

White Paper

This page includes an explanation of our software and how it works, as well as the research supporting it.

The Four Critical Thinking Skills

This article discusses critical thinking skills and values, the differences between critical thinking and problem solving, and which subjects are best for developing critical thinking.

Graphic Organisers in Education

This article discusses how visualisation of data is used in education to make information easier to learn and how Endoxa Learning makes use of this principle.

CEO Interview

In this interview with Educate Business magazine, our CEO talks about why critical thinking is important in the classroom.

Optimising Cognitive Load

This article explains cognitive load theory and how to use it to make teaching more effective.

Dual Coding to Improve Learning

This article discusses the concept of dual coding and explores how it is used to make learning more effective.

Recognising the Importance of the Humanities

This article discusses the importance of the humanities, arts and social sciences and the threat they face from curriculum narrowing.

Measuring Critical Thinking

This article discusses methods of measuring critical thinking and how they can be improved.