Mission and Values

Mission Statement

‘Enable everyone to think critically.’

Definition of Critical Thinking

‘Critical thinking is reasonable, reflective thinking that is focused on deciding what to believe or do.’

Critical Thinking Skills

The outcome of a critical thinking process is to produce one’s own argument for one’s own
conclusion. The four skills which are required for this are as follows:


Categorising information; decoding conventions; clarifying meaning.


Detecting and analysing arguments to identify their structure, conclusion, premises (and missing premises) and logical relations; sorting out irrelevant material.


Judging the truth of statements, the credibility of sources and the strength/validity of arguments; anticipating objections and how additional information might affect an argument.

Argument Creation

Supporting premises; formal and informal reasoning; presenting arguments and drawing conclusions; considering alternatives; justifying methods.

Critical Thinking Values

We believe in the values of critical thinking.


Focussing on the problem; being clear, precise, well-argued, well-structured and succinct.


Seeking the truth or the best decision; representing information honestly; being willing to change opinion.


Being curious and questioning; seeking alternative points of view.


Thinking for yourself; going beyond the easy answer.