Endoxa Learning helps students understand arguments

Learning subject knowledge is not enough


As students progress through school or college, being able to understand and make effective arguments becomes increasingly important. This means that learning subject knowledge is no longer enough to do well in assessments. Students need critical thinking skills to make good arguments. However, a survey recently found that 85 % of teachers believe students in post-16 studies lack these skills. Click the button below to learn about critical thinking.

Why is critical thinking important?


Critical thinking is not just a technique for improving a student’s grades. It is an essential skill that will help your child to succeed throughout their life. Critical thinking is one of the top skills that recruiters look for and it has been recognised by the World Economic Forum as one of the most important skills for the 21st century.

How Endoxa helps your child

Endoxa Learning integrates critical thinking into interactive lessons


Endoxa Learning is a new, visual way for the student to learn arguments while they learn subject knowledge. Teachers can use our lessons to teach a particular topic, encouraging students to interact using notes, tasks, quizzes and our exciting edit mode, which allows students to add their own ideas.


Our lessons can also be used for individual work, including for homework. Students can run through the lesson by themselves, with their progress in the interactive sections recorded for the teacher to view. Your child will earn doxa coins for interacting, such as looking at case study facts and completing tasks.

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Success in education and beyond

Endoxa Learning uses the methods above to encourage students to reach their potential and acquire essential skills for their time at school/college and beyond.


We provide content for a range of subjects from Key Stage 3 to A Level. Click the button below to learn about lessons with Endoxa Learning.