Endoxa Learning visualises arguments using a diagram called an argument graph.

Each subject is divided into topics and lessons covering the entire A level specification. Each lesson is aimed at a possible exam question or essay assignment. A tracking tool shows your progress through the lessons.


In each lesson, you first learn an argument that answers the question being addressed. The argument graph is presented step-by-step, at your own pace. Click on the diagram to reveal more information about the argument , such as supporting facts and critical questions that challenge your thinking.

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Reflect on the argument, make changes to the graph, submit. Endoxa Learning sends you comments & corrections.  (If your school has subscribed to Endoxa, your teacher will check your work.)


Use your final argument graph as an essay plan for your writing, and for revision for exams. You can set up a learning schedule to match topics you are doing at school.

Once you have learned how an argument graph works, you can use it to represent any argument.

An argument graph is a diagram of boxes connected by arrows. The boxes represent statements and argument types; the arrows show the flow of the argument.

An argument graph is not just a picture, it is an interactive model which calculates the truth/falsity and coherence of the statements in the argument.

The system calculated the strength of each step of the argument and updates this as you make changes.

The arrows represent the logical relations involved in argument: premise, conclusion, evidence.

As you go through the first couple of lessons, click on the boxes and arrows to bring up further explanation. You will become familiar with the system, after that, there’s no more to learn – each argument is expressed using the same boxes, arrows, colours and so on.

Never study alone again!

Support is here for you when you need it from Doxa, the virtual assistant as well as our extensive help menus and live chat when you need to directly speak to us.

How do I get Endoxa? 

Endoxa Learning Devices

Endoxa is available for desktop, laptop and tablet computers. We are working on a mobile phone app.