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Critical thinking and argumentation skills are increasingly important in education and in the workplace. That’s why we have specifically designed Endoxa Learning with critical thinking at its core. By learning how to make a strong argument, students will have the tools to construct good essays, assignments and exams. We developed Endoxa Learning to visually express, classify and evaluate arguments in a simple and practical way so everyone can reason well with our responsive and intuitive system.


To achieve these aims, we consulted research and studies going back over 50 years about how to visually represent arguments in diagrams. Find out more about how Endoxa Learning works, and the research that supports it, by reading our white paper.

Our Founder and CEO, Julian Plumley, recently chatted to “Education Business” magazine about the ideas behind Endoxa Learning. Click the button to go to the article.

For Academics

The ‘argument first’ model which Endoxa Learning follows has far-reaching and multi-disciplinary potential for overhauling the current framework of learning arguments and reasoning as well as enhancing critical thinking skills for everyone. Furthermore, Endoxa Learning can be used for collaborative reasoning whereby the truth of an argument can be found in an interdisciplinary approach.

Read our whitepaper for more information.

Contact us to request a concept deck that covers the benefits and the potential that Endoxa Learning offers.

Our Team

endoxa team -jul

Julian loves competitive swimming, especially freestyle.
He can’t stand rice pudding!

Julian Plumley

Endoxa Learning Founder and CEO
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Kay loves a sub 30-min parkrun.
She’s not keen on tardiness!

Kay Plumley

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Chris loves Italian-style pizza straight from his garden pizza oven.
He can’t stand Hawaiian pizza!

Chris Grant

Software Developer
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Alistair loves Surfing and Rockclimbing
He's not so keen on writing essays!

Alistair Mcleod

Web Designer
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Jeremy loves telling captivating stories and inspiring audiences.
He finds poor grammar physically painful!

Jeremy Rodgers

Marketing Coordinator

Rosie loves painting and plants.
She can't stand overripe bananas.

Rosie Brown

Content Creation Leader

Kirsty loves hot weather and walking her dog.
She’s not a fan of running!

Kirsty George

Content Development Intern

Bobby Fordi

Content Development Intern

Our Alumni

Thank you to all those who have heped Endoxa Learning on its journey so far…

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Beth loves trips to the beach with her dog for fish and chips.
She's not keen on early mornings!

Beth Young

Digital Marketing Apprentice
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Ann-Marie loves roller derby.
She’s not so keen on social media!

Ann-Marie Smyth

UX Designer
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Josephine loves gymming it up, especially crossfit.
She’s not keen on cats.

Josephine Armstrong

Content Developer
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James loves pizza, especially Hawaiian.
He can’t stand fish.

James Taylor

Content Developer

Grace loves canoe polo.
She can’t stand having nothing to do!

Grace Muir

Content Development Intern

Laura loves open water diving!
She can't stand gravy.

Laura De Wulf

Content Development Intern

For Teachers

See for yourself how Endoxa Learning helps students effectively learn and apply the arguments needed to access the higher marks in assignments and exams.

Contact us to learn more about Endoxa Learning for schools including institution licences, and software training.

The case for the argument first theory, approach and methodology presented by Endoxa: review our whitepaper on the challenges of mastering arguments at A Level and the Endoxa argument graph solution.


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Link to media page blog post: how Endoxa improves reasoning and argumentation to attain higher scores