A Level Content: New Subjects

A Level Content: New Subjects

Helping you make strong arguments in your A Level essays and exams.

Endoxa Learning’s goal is to improve the critical thinking skills of A Level students and therefore help them to achieve their desired grades by making strong and coherent arguments in essays and exam questions. The software was first introduced with Politics, and the content development team have now completed courses in Geography, Business Studies, and Religious Studies.

Our Content

Endoxa Learning is suitable for subjects where strong argumentation skills are needed. This is the case in humanities, social sciences, and business. All of these subjects include coursework including essays or have essay-style exam questions.

All our content is mapped to the A Level curriculum and follows exam board specifications. Endoxa Learning currently covers AQA, OCR and EDEXCEL A-level specifications.

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When will new content be available?

Endoxa Learning’s content team is working on expanding the courses we offer, in the meantime there is demo content in each subject that is not complete, this content is free so you can try it at any time. Sign up for free to receive email updates on new content and features.

What is different about Endoxa Learning?

They key to high grades at A Level, is making a strong coherent argument. Endoxa Learning helps you develop your argument past a list of pro and cons, and encourages critical thinking, through argument types, evidence, and undermining or supporting arguments. Read more about argument types here.


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