Our GCSE Content

GCSE exams have a real impact on pupils’ futures. To do well, pupils need to learn how to think critically, but traditional textbooks are limited at this. Endoxa Learning teaches pupils to tackle exam questions, by teaching key subject knowledge and developing their skills of argumentation. These skills will prepare them for extended writing at A Level and throughout their academic career, as well as for the world of work.


Religious Studies

We have demo content for the following topics:

  • Theology
  • Religion and Life
  • Relationships and Family
  • Christianity


We are currently building our Religious Studies GCSE content and testing it with schools. Once this is complete, we will have a complete Religious Studies course for your school to use to prepare pupils for their GCSE exams.

Watch this space!

We are constantly adding lesson content for more school subjects.



Contact us to request demo content for other subjects that develop critical thinking. Or, return to the home page to learn about our content for Key Stage 3 and A Level.