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Endoxa visualises the arguments you need to learn for your studies, making them much easier to grasp. The graphical interface allows you to build new arguments easily. ...

We are continuously working on expanding the number of subjects we have available. You are welcome to contact our team and offer suggestions for content you would like to see on Endoxa. ...

Endoxa is an innovative system that consists of a customisable network of argument links, allowing rapid learning and improvement of reasoning skills. Initially designed for education, the software is aimed at students and teachers of humanities, social sciences, business studies and all disciplines that require...

Yes – definitely. We recommend looking at Endoxa first, and then tackling the background reading. Endoxa will make the background reading easier to understand by explaining the arguments beforehand. But it’s always good to see exactly how an author explains their position in the original....

You can do an Endoxa lesson while sharing the screen with others using one of the well-known video conferencing platforms. Currently, multiple users cannot work on building the same argument graph. This is on our road map for future upgrades....

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