A Level Geography: “Climate Change Will Negatively Affect Human Health.” Discuss.

A Level Geography: “Climate Change Will Negatively Affect Human Health.” Discuss.

In this edition of Endoxa essay help we are going to be looking at the argument that “climate change will negatively affect human health.” We will be looking at the points and case studies you can use to support this argument whilst examining how you can use these points to create a strong and persuasive argument. How you answer this discussion style A-level exam question is very important.I It is one of the types of exam questions that students often struggle with so we will look at producing an effective and structured answer for you to gain the most marks for argument in your exams and essays.
So, what is human health?
Human health is defined not only by physical state of individuals, rather it is a state of complete physical, psychological and social wellbeing

Encyclopedia of health, 2011

For our argument, we will be looking more closely at the physical effects of climate change on human health. However, this does not mean that there are no other equally as important psychological and social effects. These will be discussed in a future blog post. We will be looking closely at two case studies: dengue fever and droughts and floods to help us demonstrate how climate change can directly impact human health.

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Climate change will negatively affect human health.

Let’s introduce our first case study, dengue fever, which we will use to form our first argument point. Dengue fever is a disease, once confined to the tropics, which can now be found in over 28 states in the USA due to rising temperatures and increasing rainfall which have created ideal conditions in which the vector-borne disease can move northward. Dengue fever, if left untreated, has a high mortality rate of 20 per cent and is therefore a significant risk to human health.

Applying case studies: dengue fever

Now, let’s look at the argument that climate change has increased the spread of dengue fever and, in turn, negatively affected human health. As mentioned, rising temperatures and increasing rainfall both favour the spread of dengue fever and since climate change has resulted in higher temperatures and higher rainfall in certain parts of the USA, climate change is therefore resulting in the increasing geographical range of dengue fever across the USA. From this, we can generalise that climate change will increase the geographic range of most, if not all, similar vector-borne diseases. Since vector-borne diseases already cause over 700,000 deaths annually across the world, impending climate change will certainly result in more vector-borne disease related deaths.

Using facts and statistics in the above way allows you to support your arguments and provide strong evidence for your points. This will allow you to access higher marks in your exams and essays. However, using just one case study or example to support your argument is not enough. You must introduce other supporting points to show that your argument is well rounded and supported from all angles, let’s have a look at the other case study to further support this.

Adding a supporting argument: droughts and floods

Since the pre-industrial era the global temperature has increased by more than 1 degree celcius as a result of climate change. This temperature increase impacts the hydrological cycle. The effect climate change is having is clearly demonstrated by the periods of severe droughts and flooding we are experiencing across the globe. Therefore, it can be argued that current climatic conditions, resulting from climate change, are threatening food production and this in turn affects global food security.

Food security is vital for sufficient levels of human health and, without it, widespread malnutrition or under-nutrition occurs. Since malnutrition and under-nutrition are a leading cause of death, especially among infants with 3.1 million children dying annually from hunger alone, it is once again clear that climate change is having a negative effect on human health.

Unlocking higher marks

There we have it, a well-developed and statically supported argument for climate change having a negative effect on human health. Using statically supported arguments, similar to the ones you have seen, within your essay will allow you to access the higher marks within your exams and essays.

Climate change argument graph

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